"Every session is like knowing who your guardian angel is on earth."

"I began working with Laura about two years ago and while I was on a good path, she came into my universe at the exact moment I needed a change. I was “stuck in the muck” and she did and continues to do what she does best, cleared the path! While working with Laura I have learned many tools to keep myself grounded and stable, I found my voice and know that I am a better human being because of her love and guidance. She has taught me to be at peace with my past, connect with my inner child and believe in myself. Working with her is such an amazing experience and I look forward to our sessions each week. To have someone listen, understand, sympathize, teach, advise and love every session is like knowing who your guardian angel is on earth. It always amazes me that she is right there whenever I need her and I always feel connected and comforted. I feel honored and blessed to have her by my side to guide me through my journey in life."

-- Dana S., Corporate Operations Manager

"Without question, Laura has kept me on my feet and helped me to regain a quality of life.”  

“About a year and a half ago I had a heart transplant operation. The residual side effects included brain fog, dizziness, and general unsteadiness, due to the severing of the Vagus nerve during the transplant. To date, the doctors don’t have the technology to reattach it.  After a couple months of suffering, I sought help from Laura.  After the first treatment, I saw, almost immediately, the relief in my head. My body began to heal soon after.  I had a lot of residual anesthesia in my body which also contributed to the unsteadiness. That has completely gone away.  I can say without question that Laura has kept me on my feet and helped me to regain a quality of life.”   

-- Roslyn T., former Wall Street exec

"An innermost stillness that I can frequently return to."

"The felt experience of a session with Laura leaves me with an innermost stillness that I can frequently return to long after our healing session is over.  I trust Laura and her skillfulness with this modality, even though I can't begin to understand how it works."

-- Tara R., Clinical Social Worker 

" A session with Laura cleared my anxieties... (she) is intuitive and remarkably present." 

"At the beginning of Covid I was overcome with fear and anxiety.  I had a session with Laura which cleared my anxieties, enabling me to see my full caseload of clients, as well as to be more present for my kids who were suddenly home from school.   Laura is intuitive and remarkably present.   She offers a combination of wonderful energy work with counseling skills.   Her eclectic background lends to a unique and wonderful healing experience.   Laura is excellent. I highly recommend her."

-- Jodi SL., PhD, LPC, Somatic Psychologist 

"Laura's insight, guidance, deep attention, and healing wisdom have been a deep blessing in my life."

"Since I started working with Laura, I have had achieved a marked increase in my physical well-being. Tension in parts of my body where I had chronic pain has substantially released, especially in my left shoulder.

As important as the physical benefit has been, the most profound impact of her healing method has been the emotional and spiritual well-being that has expanded during the time we have worked together. During one of our sessions I had a breakthrough related to feeling the wholeness of my mind/body/spirit and the wholeness of myself within my human life. This is something I had never been able to get to, and it has really changed my experience of my life substantially for the better. Laura's insight, guidance, deep attention, and healing wisdom have been a deep blessing to my life."

-- Jane M., Minister, Business Coach

Chemo brain reset!

"While receiving chemo therapy treatments, I often felt brain fog and fuzziness. KCT sessions with Laura help me regain balance, clarity, and peace of mind."

-- Thomas, cancer-survivor

"KCT is amazing!"

"As a result of working with Laura, I notice more centeredness. I feel more integration of my chakras.  

KCT is amazing!  You can feel the energies that no longer serve you, actually leave.

Please give yourself with this gift of love. It will support you now, and in the future."

-- Christina K.J, RScP, Coach and Nutritionist

"It has helped me tremendously."

"When I started working with Laura, my anxiety lowered immediately.  I am less afraid.  My heart is more open.  The problems that seemed insurmountable now seem do-able.  Not easy, but possible.

Kabbalah Cranial Therapy opened my mind to alternative treatments.  I thought therapy and medication were my only options and I wasn't achieving great results with those two modalities.

I realize it may sound strange that someone can make you feel better by putting their hands on your head in just the right way.  The few people to whom I tried to explain KCT looked at me very skeptically.  But I don't need a double-blind, placebo controlled study published in some journal I've never heard of to know it has helped me tremendously."

-- Katie Z.