Sacred Beads

Custom Sacred Beads

Diverse peoples throughout the globe use beads for prayer and ritual. Cultures differ in their particular bead practices and bead count. However, the importance and preciousness of the beads to the individual runs through every tradition. Prayer beads are commonly passed down from generation to generation.

Gemstone prayer beads carry unique healing and balancing energies that can enhance the power and effectiveness of the bead practice for the person using them. Different people benefit from the qualities of unique stones, whether used in prayer, chanting, wearing or carrying.

These beads are strung while in prayer ritual, in connection to Spirit, specific guides, and the essence of the person for whom they are being made. In other words, custom prayer beads creations are an energetic healing session!



Sufi Prayer Beads

Prayer beads are available in any available gemstone combinations, made up as Rosary (with or without cross or crucifix), Mala (count of 108), Mespaha (count of 99), Kabbalah beads, or any other.

Prices depend on material and size.

Also available: Tree of Life pendants and earrings, made with appropriate Chakra healing stones.