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Kabbalah Energy Healing

Laura Richlin, Kabbalistic Cranial Therapist, uses the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah, through ancient wisdom and practices to assist a client’s realignment with the Divine. The Kabbalah teaches us that in order to create balance, we must embody the qualities that are missing. Laura integrates stimulation of distinctive cranial points, along with mystic Kabbalah techniques, to help clients release blockages often caused by stress and emotion. This integrative energy healing practice is particularly effective in easing anxiety, depression, and headaches, as well as creating a sense of well-being. In these times of turbulence, we root ourselves, and each other, through the balance and repair of heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Artwork by Maria Ahmed   


'Surah Al-Fātiha (The Opener)'

Speaking to a specific spiritual healing, this piece was made to unravel Surah Fātiha’s guiding nature, that lightens faith within the heart.

Using pastels to cloud the backdrop, along with a symbolic golden Kabbalah Tree of Life to signify individual journeys in healing, the canvas emits natural light and connects a multitude of religious thought. Atop, creating a bold abstract Arabic calligraphy of the opening chapter to the Holy Book, القرآن الكريم, this piece makes a presence in its atmosphere and livens the beautification of Islamic signs (āyah).

                                                                            --- Māria Ahmed